Considering a VPN! Everyone who can now see your entire Internet history!

bbOrganisations such as the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions will now be able to see UK citizen’s entire Internet browsing history in weeks.

The Investigatory Powers Bill, which was as good as passed into law this week, makes Internet providers to keep a full list of Internet Connection Records (ICRs) for a year, and make them available to the government if it asks. Those ICRs effectively serve as a full list of every website that people have visited, not collecting which specific pages are visited or what’s done on them but serving as a full list of every site that someone has visited and when.

And those same ICRs will be made available to a wide range of government bodies. Those include expected law enforcement organisations like the police, the military and the secret service – but also contain bodies like the Food Standards Agency, the Gambling Commission, council bodies and the Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust. Continue reading

Brazil: Anarchist Guilherme Irish murdered!

For the struggle, internal and external. Against everyday fascism, embedded in society and especially the state.

The mathematics student at UFG, known as William Irish, was shot dead by his father last Tuesday (15/11). He was an anarchist, adept of the black bloc tactic and active participant of the occupations of schools and colleges in Goiânia. His father, a 60-year-old good-quality civil engineer, did not accept his son’s involvement in the movement, and had already threatened to hand him over to police and even death. Continue reading


111These days there came news of a judicial act against us, with the risk eviction of our space.

News that seems absurd being our space to be about 3 years and a half inserted into the path of regional resolution to the housing crisis and since we presented a project for the recovery of the space is the region that the municipality of Rome. Project, our, which includes not only 10 apartments but also a social space and a library, a place to manage along with the district as a cultural space that we see to be totally absent in our territory.

Alexis clear, in fact, would not only mean putting street youth in insecure and precarious housing crisis but also destroy one of the few cultural spaces across the street, a library that more than a year organizes cultural events, book signings by prominent authors national, by Nanni Balestrini passing the cartoonist Zerocalcare coming to the organization of a literature festival for children “unpunished”, which saw the participation of hundreds of children and adults. Continue reading

Vienna: With Solidarity & Anger!


In recent weeks, we have made some efforts to express the solidarity and rage that we are experiencing with regard to the repression of those anarchists accused of bank accidents in Germany.

In the last weeks, some efforts were made for expressing the solidarity and rage we feel with regard to the repression against those anarchists currently accused of bank expropriations in Germany.

More than ten thousand flyers were scattered in the metropolitan area, slogans were painted on walls, and we visited some of our favourite bank branches to rage a bit. Continue reading

Butcher shops vandalized in solidarity with Nahuel!

chile_carnicerias_nov16  On November 4, the first year of the so-called Operation Ice came to an end, repressive raids against the anti-authoritarian movement in the Spanish State that culminated in the arrest of several comrades.

To date the anarchist, vegan and straight edge Juan Bustamante (Nahuel) is the only one who remains in pretrial detention in the dungeons of the FIES regime accused of terrorism, among other charges.

From Chile we join the Month in solidarity with Nahuel. On November 4 at night we went to several neighborhoods in Santiago and spray-painted butcher shops with animal liberation messages and vandalized other storefronts with paint, expressing in this way, through direct action, our solidarity and allegiance with prisoners and the animals.

Strength Nahuel, strength to all prisoners!
Until every cage is destroyed!
Animal, Human and Earth Liberation!

Barry Horne Cell.

TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right

fucktrumpTrump’s win of the electoral college (despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes) thrust many into the streets for the first time against the billionaire real estate mogul and the wider system and crisis of capitalist civilization he seeks to manage. Suddenly, tens of thousands were blocking freeways, clashing with riot cops, and throwing down in the streets. At the same time, the far-Right and white supremacists are continuing to actively mobilize to support the regime and scores of racist and sexist attacks have been carried out throughout the US. In response, anti-fascists are mobilizing to shut them down and actions against Trump continue to build towards #J20. With so many new to radical action in the streets, many people are coming up against for the first time attempts by liberals and protest managers to contain and direct revolt. This dynamic of course is not new, and played out in the Occupy movement, the Ferguson Insurrection, and in struggles throughout so-called North America. Continue reading