Cineworld Staff Picket for Living Wage, giving up is for Rookies!

cineworldProtesters gathered outside Hackney Picturehouse in London, UK tonight to highlight their continuing battle for a living wage. Despite the vast majority of the staff being BECTU members, Picturehouse has repeatedly refused to acknowledge their chosen union. Instead they recognize the Staff Forum. A union set up and funded by the Picturehouse itself. Multiple request have been forward to the Picturehouse requesting a living wage and improvements to working conditions and the company has been unwilling to meet. Left with little other choice, we held a ballot and 100% of members were in favour of strike action. Continue reading

Winson Green, UK Prison Riot: Guards flee as armed inmates take control!

js107552458Prisoner have taken control of Winson Green Prison in Birmigham, UK. Guards fled with one at least being reportedly injured as prisoners rioted in response to  poor conditions and lack of recreational facilities and time.

A source from inside the prison has said ” The wing has been destroyed! It’s full of water and I’m just collecting up my stuff, packing up my pictures and canteen because I think we will be moved. They can’t keep us in here when it all settles down. The big issue was the exercise and the gym. It was not just one group though, everybody had the same vibe. ” Continue reading

Oaxaca, Mexico: Explosive attacks against Bank Santander in memory of comrade Sebastián Oversluij!

n14673-4_explosiones-5-544x306On December 11, 2013, an anarchist colleague Sebastián Oversluij was shot dead by a security guard at the time they tried to rob a bank branch in Chile.

Today we decided to attack with explosive devices a santander bank branch and a building belonging to the secretary of finance in Oaxaca.

Recalling the three years passed since this event and not making him a martyr nor victimizing his death, but for the claim of these and all illegal and clandestine acts that have emerged arise and arise within this war. Continue reading

Stolen Justice – A Stand Against Injustice!

millerDemonstrators gather again this Friday (9.12.16) at 10.30 outside Gt Yarmouth Police Station to highlight Peter Miller’s unsolved murder from December 1984. Found dead in the kitchen of his home in Camden Place, off Blackfriars Road, on December 9, 1984. He had died as a result of a single stab wound to his chest and discovered at about 7.45pm by his brother Tony. Reporting a strange smell in the air when he entered the home and a CS aerosol canister was found inside the house lying on the floor. It is believed the canister had been used by either his murderer or Peter as he was being assaulted. The last time he had been seen alive was earlier on that winter Sunday afternoon when he had helped a neighbour with household repairs. Despite investigations in 1984 and 1985 and a number of arrests, no-one was ever charged with the murder. Continue reading