Nikoy Mazioth about Police and the killing of Taxi Driver in Kastoria!

In whom those who hounded on July 16, 2014 in Monastiraki, proved by the fact that it was Officer Efthimios Dimitropoulos who then shot in his victim the back and is the taxi driver killer of Kastoria.

Here’s what are the ‘protectors of citizens’?

Such killers like their superiors are those who toil for the safety of all kinds of bastards of political and economic power, safety creditor country who drink the blood of the people! Continue reading

[Spanish State] Communiqué of the anarchist comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar!

(On March 7, 2017, the comrades finally managed to be expelled to Chile, where they were greeted with a great display of journalism and repressive threats. Francisco returned to tread the street with dignity intact)

* Affinity and solidarity against victimhood and authority. *

In the struggle to break with the established, we seek and create forms of relationships that are contrary to imposition and authority. Forms that make us feel comfortable to develop autonomously in proposing and carrying out initiatives of daily confrontation. In this sense we understand that affinity represents the most appropriate way of relating among anarchists and that this is not the result of empty slogans repeated to satiety, but is the result of practices and shared visions that help to generate lasting bonds of fellowship and brotherhood , That go on the simple bonds of friendship. Continue reading

Anti-fascist radicals: Liberals don’t realize the serious danger of the alt-right!

Since the election of Donald Trump as president, liberals and leftists have been discussing how to best respond to American conservatism’s transformation from a shopworn, Cold War, anti-government philosophy into something else.

To the anarchists and socialists who consider themselves part of the global “antifa” movement (an abbreviation for “anti-fascist”), the transition currently taking place on the right is all too familiar. The rise of the alt-right and white nationalism within the U.S. is something the mainstream left doesn’t take seriously enough, they say, even as many Democrats compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

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