Lost in Europe!

‘It was as if the notoriously elusive European identity had finally come into existence, but as a nightmarish vision.’ Claudia Ciobanu, a Romanian living in Poland, describes the dilemmas and mixed feelings of ‘the voluntary migrant’, caught between revulsion at xenophobia and sympathy for the ‘losers of transition’. Continue reading

Peak Civ: A Dino-Chicken In Every Pot!

These days good news is great news.

Thylacinus cynocephalus, the Tasmanian tiger, has been once again spotted in the wild. Calling it a tiger is a misnomer; it’s actually a marsupial. So while it looks like a wild cat with a distinctly zebra-like stripe pattern towards the end of it’s back, it’s genetically closer to a kangaroo than a feline. As colonizers tore through Australia and Tasmania, the Tasmanian tiger was one of the casualties. The last one was believe to have died in 1936 in Tasmania’s Hobart Zoo.

This isn’t an unfamiliar story: the colonizers celebrating their bloodthirsty hubris by displaying the last of a species or society as a living curiosity to the world they destroyed. On March 3, 1869, William Lanney, the last known full-blood male of the exterminated Aboriginal population of Tasmania, had died. Nicknamed “King Billy,” he spent the last of his brief 34 years a bit of a local celebrity as his happy demeanor and sailor life rendered him both a citizen and a relic. Continue reading

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry!

With the deadline for the Scottish child abuse inquiry being only two weeks away we’ve tried to put together a really brief post for anyone who has struggled to know where to start.

Each little paragraph or description has the relevant links directly below it so it’s less confusing (hopefully!) For those who find that patronising, we apologise but this inquiry stretches decades before the use of computers and renders all us survivors incapable of cohesive trains of thought at our most difficult moments so bear with us! Continue reading

Mobilization against the NATO – Brussels, May 25 2017!

On 25 May, NATO will inaugurate its new headquarters in Brussels. A summit of the transatlantic organization will bring together all the heads of member states, including US President Donald Trump (for his first visit to Europe). In the context of the crisis of capitalism and the scarcity of natural and energy resources, tensions between the great powers for the control of the planet, its resources and for the domination of strategic areas (especially for the American Empire Increasingly threatened). To meet these needs, Western countries are developing their armed wing, NATO, to pursue their aggressive and imperialist policies. NATO is the military counterpart of the global domination of Western capitalism embodied by other international institutions such as the G20, the WTO, the IMF, and so on. Continue reading

Santiago, Chile: Recount of the activity in memory of comrade Mauricio Morales!

On May 8 we met outside the jail of San Miguel between relatives of the 81 prisoners killed in a fire in 2010. Antiauthoritarians comrades, accomplices we gather to remember offensively comrade Mauricio Morales, the Punki Mauri, who died May 22, 2009 because of an accelerated bomb explosion intended for the School of Gendarmerie.

Mauri died trying to attack the school of jailers and right in front of one of its buildings, stained with the blood of 81 dead prisoners, we claim his memory, his life, his decision to attack. Continue reading

Has The Black Bloc Tactic Reached The End Of It’s Usefulness?

As class struggle anarchists who recognize the importance of a diversity of tactics in order to attack Capital, the State, and oppression in an effective manner, we see the black bloc as an important tool of struggle. Only one tool among many, but an important one nonetheless. However, this by no means implies that we feel it to be in any way above criticism. Indeed, we are very troubled by how black blocs often operate, the manner in which actions are sometimes carried out, and the direction that some black bloc elements seem to want to head in. It is for this reason that we were glad to see the text by our comrades from the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM). Particularly refreshing was the fact that, unlike many other texts critical of the black bloc, this one was clearly written in a comradely, honest, and constructive fashion. This is the only way in which an effective and useful dialogue on the subject can be had, and our response is with the same spirit and intentions in mind. With that said, we do in fact have several important disagreements with the WSM text, and will attempt to clarify some of our positions in this writing. Continue reading

Black Bloc: How is it to be Fun?

So you caught wind of some of the media hype about the black bloc or maybe you saw us at a protest doing what we do and now you want in. Sweet, welcome! We’re not an organization so you don’t have to sign up anywhere, we are people all over the world who employ a certain tactic against domination when we see fit to do so and we’re excited to meet you. Together we’ll create and destroy history. However, before crossing that line into illegality with us there are some things you could benefit from knowing and considering.

Alright, first things first, Security Culture. Security Culture is exactly what it sounds like, it’s when we adopt a set of habits and practices that allow us to create and maintain a culture in which we keep ourselves and each other secure from police repression. Obviously, we hate the police and the police hate us. We attack them when we can and they attack us when they can. This does not only take place in the arena of protest. When we’re not openly fighting them in the streets we are doing everything we can to undermine their authority and make their jobs more difficult. We spread anti-police propaganda, we collect and exploit information about them, we clandestinely sabotage their infrastructure, we figure out ways to solve our own problems and keep ourselves and our neighbors safe without them, and in rare cases throughout history we’ve even murdered some of the bastards! And likewise, when the police are not beating, gassing and arresting us at protests they’re doing everything they can to put us in jail. They listen to our phones, read our text messages, infiltrate our events, surveil our spaces, record keystrokes on our computers, plant evidence, raid our homes, force our friends to give up information on us, send undercover agents to entrap us, and in some rare cases throughout history they’ve even murdered some of us bastards. The State has and uses many agents towards this end; they’re expanding their technologies, developing their tactics and getting paid well to do so. Continue reading

On Not Voting and Anti-Electoral Attack!

I don’t vote…
I don’t vote. Because I don’t want to choose a master, to choose who will decide in my place what’s right for me, who will force me to respect their choices, who will present those choices as my own. I don’t want the majority to determine the conditions of my servitude, I don’t want to the cattle to build the fences that enclose them and select those who will rule over me as well, regardless of what I think.

Continue reading