Santiago, Chile: Recount of the activity in memory of comrade Mauricio Morales!

On May 8 we met outside the jail of San Miguel between relatives of the 81 prisoners killed in a fire in 2010. Antiauthoritarians comrades, accomplices we gather to remember offensively comrade Mauricio Morales, the Punki Mauri, who died May 22, 2009 because of an accelerated bomb explosion intended for the School of Gendarmerie.

Mauri died trying to attack the school of jailers and right in front of one of its buildings, stained with the blood of 81 dead prisoners, we claim his memory, his life, his decision to attack.

Although they cut electrical installations and light poles in a crude attempt to leave us without power … with obstinacy and determination we get the activity ahead, proving once again that it is all about overcoming obstacles.

We rejoice in the clumsy attempt to intimidate us and in their caravan of police cars trying to stop once the activity is finished, they only show us how much they are disturbed by the memory of Mauri, the black memory … we are infinitely happy withthat result.

A sincere hug to all those who collaborated in one way or another for the action to go ahead.

LXS waited in the activity report and Kontrakultura Saturday May 20th at the Library Manuel Rojas.

Passed comrades accompany us in walking.
Determined to destroy the last of the prison society …

“The vitality of Anarchy lies precisely in stop being a digestible product and be the opposite: a sharp, stabbing stab system” – Mauri


The year 2009, in the early hours of May 22, the silhouette of a man dressed in black is drawn pedaling around the neighborhood of Matta, he advances without pause, determined to attack. He stops and drops a backpack, the night is still and cold, nobody notices it, nobody sees it. Suddenly a beam of light and a violent blow will change the whole picture.

At 1:24 in the morning, the blast of a detonation traveled accelerated through the streets of the old neighborhood. In the middle of the street Ventura Lavalle lay a person, a trail of gunpowder wrapped around the body as a farewell aura. To one side was a 32-caliber revolver, with a single bullet lodged in the walnut …

Thus died the companion / brother Mauricio Morales, when detonating ahead of time the bomb that he transported towards the school of Gendarmerie. Mauri was leaving this world, instantly, only a few meters from his goal.

He intended to attack the grimmeric institution of gendarmerie because he understood the role jailers represent in caging and torturing thousands of people inside prisons. Guarding the interests of authority, servile and crawling to the powerful Despots who force others to live in confinement.

Eight years have passed since that dawn, power feigned to exhaustion with his death, exposing images, chasing after them, raiding houses among pompous statements, spitting out arrest warrants and seizures. 8 years have passed and Mauri still enjoys good health among conspirators, authoritarians, black hearts, happy hoods.

Mauri and his ideas / practices of freedom, still illuminate the night, tattooing walls with painting or paper, circulating between publications, curled up in the affection of the hearts that love freedom as an impenetrable value without options of renunciation.

The laughter still rings and, even when we physically can not see it, continues to laugh at judges, gendarmes, prosecutors and police, taking positions in the social war, accelerating the pulse and in permanent conflict with authority.

Anxious to nourish himself with experiences, to bring wherever he might be, plagued by a world of contradictions and defects, but with the clear certainty of annihilating even the last bastion of prison society, so that free land emerged, without domination, without Capitalism, wage labor, without exploitation, without private property, without privileges, without roles of power.

It was growing between editions of books, raising activities, writing stories, poetry, songs, magazines; Painting murals, cutting the street, raising the conflict. Antisocial, but tremendously sociable and empathic with those around him. He took on a huge challenge, drawing a long path of life, seeking and opening paths that deny authority in any way that is present, friendly or brutal.

That urgency to live, those options and decisions undoubtedly lead him to walk close to death, but also and above all it was these decisions that made him live as he really wanted. On May 22, 2009 a brother died who decided to live in war and even when not everything is joy, there remains the tremendous pride of that transit traveled.

Good companion journey, one with the earth …

“A life is necessary to provide exquisite lift arm and the mind”. – Severino

Because we are here to remember a fellow who died anarchic fighting the guards right in front of the prison where the state and Gendarmerie killed 81 prisoners on December 8, 2010 has special significance and value.

This street space, this cut in normal city have earned families, with persistence and determination, making it a memory space and also a point of anticarcelario meeting, why we are here today to remind a companion who he fought prisons until the last day of his life.

The decision Mauri attacking the jailers is the result of an ongoing quest for liberation, passing through different paths that will nurture the ideas, beliefs and practices of those who openly declare in confrontation with each and every one of the dynamics of power.

Prisons, torture and extermination centers are essential parts to maintain and perpetuate the order that only the powerful benefits. Prisons are always latent threat that aim to intimidate any attempt at dissent. Prisons are locked cages where life condensed logical and hierarchical domination.

We fight prisons and cages because we love freedom. We fought the jailers because we despise power.

The harassment, humiliation, torture and killings inside prisons, this is a historical constant. Jail wherever you are in and under the regime that it is the product and simultaneously reproduce authoritarian values.

But the December 8, 2010, several authoritarian gears moved at the same time, another day became the largest prison massacre of the territory. The fire spread quickly and with force within tower 5 of the prison of San Miguel, at which time Gendarmería showed his face of bloodthirsty happiness in a pretended camouflage of fear ..

Here responsible for turning off 81 lives is not fire, is jail and thus those who defend and support … jailers, judges, prosecutors and police are complicit in the prison slaughter where once again the power today dress democracy, shows his true intentions … torture and state terrorism, however do not need a fire and dozens of deaths to know that this kind of violence is daily into the killing centers, it is the constant practice of Gendarmerie with comrades and relatives.

All these situations led Mauri to act from a look and anti-prison practice forging values ​​of solidarity, diluting the inside-outside the prison walls, in an urgency to live coherent to their ideas, without passivity and resigned submission. With autonomy and freedom. Consistency and conviction.

After the fire in San Miguel, political and prison authorities try to impose amnesia, remodeling some modules, the year 2012 transform the prison into a women’s prison. Behind those walls some of our companions remain locked. We greet fraternally all the prisoners in the cages of San Miguel.

The powerful try to ingratiate themselves with the families of the 81 prisoners and seek to explain what happened as a simple fight between adverse groups, in an attempt to make invisible the machinery of slow death that is all jail. The fire is the logical consequence of a perverse framework that seeks to annihilate the people living inside the cages.

The power seeks to orient memory to the quiet waters of the institution, as if within the legal margins of the society that murdered the 81 prisoners we could find the solution to the conflict.

So being here is also a way to rebel against amnesia and resignation, we continue, with an incandescent memory.

A few days after the 8th anniversary of that black night of May, where the body of an anarchist warrior set out on the journey, we do the exercise of bringing from the action the companion who is no longer physically next to us on the antiauthoritarian path.

8 years where ideas and convictions were transformed into the practice of offensive attack, where the decision to go further with the will, reason and all the necessary force was taken by a flesh and blood partner, with their ideas, pretensions , Affections, affections, emotions, contradictions and defects …

Neither the decision to attack or death, are simple statistics for history or books that compile what others did, are valuable experiences of those who have given their lives to the fight against authority, and defend that memory is the work of all the comrades who feel the same pulse and wield the same tools, each understanding with their shapes and looks, with full autonomy.

He embraced the defense of the memory is the pain of the loss of our comrades, loved ones, family and friends, death never leaves something positive in the depths of our emotions, sadness is present in the brush with death, but that should not mean a landslide. Death, every beautiful life our comrades have to emerge and flourish new anarchic forces and wills, opening new horizons where we always continue fighting against what you are trying to dominate us, that’s the best greeting to those who have made the trip.

We do not deny your memory, because that would irrespetarles and emasculate the dignity of combat. Feelings of affection and love for our brothers and sisters enhance our own walk. We do not deny our feelings, hugged them to continue on the warpath.

We talk about comrades who have died because they are part of the way we travel, we found in exile ideas and common practices, therefore even from the spatial distance and / or generation allows us to feel part of the same course of struggle. Those passed are fertilizer for anti-authoritarian convictions and confrontation are black seed, nurture today the revolt and remain in force in every gesture that goes beyond the authority.

Comrades gone are not static, the strength of their lives, their experience continues to make its way in the daily struggle, are present with us; between memory and nurturing our own challenges.

Why we say we are here ?, because their ideas, their actions, what they have sown as black seed, remains not only valid, but spreading and encouraging new comrades. They are here among those who raise activities, go Tattooing walls, okupando houses, writing songs / propaganda, cutting the street and bringing the conflict.

Spread and propagate the strength of the lives of our comrades who are no longer physically it is essential to feed our present, to remember and promote a future of permanent insurrection task.

Antiauthoritarian hugging each action our partner Mauri that merges with the forces of wild nature,  in memory and glad our paths have crossed. From the iconoclastic memory, far from every altar and idealization, comrades past accompany us in walking.

To destroy the last bastion of prison society, because nothing is over, everything continues!

A minute of silence and a lifetime of combat!

Colectivo Sacco y Vanzetti

May 2017

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Translated by Anarchic News