Mobilization against the NATO – Brussels, May 25 2017!

On 25 May, NATO will inaugurate its new headquarters in Brussels. A summit of the transatlantic organization will bring together all the heads of member states, including US President Donald Trump (for his first visit to Europe). In the context of the crisis of capitalism and the scarcity of natural and energy resources, tensions between the great powers for the control of the planet, its resources and for the domination of strategic areas (especially for the American Empire Increasingly threatened). To meet these needs, Western countries are developing their armed wing, NATO, to pursue their aggressive and imperialist policies. NATO is the military counterpart of the global domination of Western capitalism embodied by other international institutions such as the G20, the WTO, the IMF, and so on.

Founded in 1949 to bring together North America and Western Europe in the face of the Soviet Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must find new legitimacy since 1989 and the fall of the bloc from the east.

Since September 11, 2001, the enemy is found and the pretext of the fight against terrorism gives him new reasons to exist. Since the Strasbourg Summit in 2009, for European countries, “the security policy needs to be defined more broadly. In addition to purely military matters, it must take into account the international financial situation, energy supplies or migration issues “.

The army is therefore called to save Western capitalism, repel immigrants and control energy resources! NATO is becoming a global police force serving Western capitalism, threatened by the Chinese and Russian powers. The global crisis has only accentuated the rivalries for the control of raw materials and the capitalist economy. The development of China and India, which are major consumers of oil, gas and minerals, make it increasingly crucial to control these resources. Especially as the “old” powers are exhausting theirs and fail to revive economic growth. It is understandable that the military policy pursued by NATO is closely linked to the global economic policies that will be on the agenda of the next G20 summit in Hamburg on July 7 & 8.

The next NATO summit will be an opportunity for Europe to meet the new American president who has already demonstrated his war intentions in just over three months in power. In a style closer to Bush than Obama but with a similar strategic outlook, expansionism, by force if necessary. Trump is no less imperialist than an Obama or a Clinton. It intends to push for the militarization of Europe to defend American interests. He only intends to make the Europeans pay the price of this militarization.

Against capitalism and imperialist logic (economic or military), we call for mobilization against the NATO summit on 25 May. We join with all those who intend to act directly against the NATO summit with the convergence of struggles, radical criticism of capitalism, direct action and respect for the diversity of tactics.

Rendezvous on May 25 against the NATO summit via the various initiatives of direct actions and in the anti-capitalist networks.