Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry!

With the deadline for the Scottish child abuse inquiry being only two weeks away we’ve tried to put together a really brief post for anyone who has struggled to know where to start.

Each little paragraph or description has the relevant links directly below it so it’s less confusing (hopefully!) For those who find that patronising, we apologise but this inquiry stretches decades before the use of computers and renders all us survivors incapable of cohesive trains of thought at our most difficult moments so bear with us!

Here is a temporary link  we haven’t found SAFE’s contact details yet. But it’s a starting point. We’ll update as I properly source things. Apologies!…/15289768.Survivors_call_for_…/

Okay here’s are the links to the actual pages you need to add your voice. This first one here is the main website.

This first link is for the specific page to download the form. The second link is the form itself. If one does not work try the other. If you still have problems (the iPhone 5 or older has problems ect) then try a friend, colleague or care workers laptop or PC. You could also contact victim support here is their website
or tel: 0345 603 9213.

Another group who have reached out to help support survivors of child sexual abuse who are founded and run by fellow survivors can be found here
Or you can call them directly on tel: 0300 999 2017
Or alternatively contact Anarchic News and we’ll help as best we can.

‘This form should be used by people who wish to give evidence to the Inquiry about abuse which they experienced in care up to 17 December 2015’…/application-to-give-e…/…/application-form-to-gi…

Let your voice be heard. Let the true extent of this highly profitable industry be seen, heard and felt in the hearts and minds of our comrades and kinsmen. Be proud that you were strong enough to survive the horror. Know that you aren’t alone, there are tens of not hundreds of thousands of us already on record. Know that you couldn’t have saved the others. Know in your heart it’s not your fault.

Be strong and be heard but do NOT face this without support! I’ll add more links as I gather them. My page is always open to messages. I’ll make this a note too.

We believe you, don’t forget that when it gets very dark. Please share if you know someone who you suspect or know might be suffering. This is a hard silence to break so they might need your show of support.

Be safe everyone. Love, respect and solidarity!