Porto Alegre, Brazil: Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchists!

In the past dawns, symbolically we seek to answer the call of solidarity with anarchists who are in captivity after the uprising against the G20 summit.

About thirty pasted stickers distributed in vehicles and stations of the civil police in Brazil civil police are largely responsible for the supply of human deposits that call prisons.

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Not One Step Back: TQILA-IRPGF Speaks from Rojava!

The current social revolution in Rojava (Western Kurdistan – Syria) is one of the greatest beacons of militant self-organized and autonomous revolutionary praxis of the 21st Century. Within a brutal civil war in Syria that has cost upwards of half a million lives, the Kurdish peoples along with other ethnic groups including Ezidis, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Turkmen and Circassians as well as foreigners from other countries outside the region, have stood up to the barbarity of both Bashar al-Assad and the theocratic totalitarianism of Daesh (ISIS) in order to create a democratic entity which transcends the archetypal nation-state. Continue reading